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    Understanding People through DiSC Personality Profiles

    Date: August 18, 2021, 12:00pm
    Carolinas Chapter of SHRM
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    Please join us and Nikki Pounds, MHRD, SPHR, SHRM-CP is an accomplished business executive with more than 25 years Human Resources expertise and is the CEO of HR Unequiivocally. HRU partners with organizations to create sustainable human resources plans and provide a wide variety of customized training, coaching and talent development solutions for current and emerging leaders. Nikki is a certified Coach, Emotional Intelligence practitioner, DiSC Profiles facilitator, Myers-Briggs Type indicator certified practitioner and she has been a certified Civil Treatment-Diversity and Inclusion trainer for 17 years. 

    Nikki prides herself on empowering others to succeed by equipping them with the tools they need to meet and often exceed their goals. 

    Workplace relationships can be difficult to manage, especially for Human Resources professionals because they are required to interact with their teams and every other team in the organization. The DiSC Personality profile is a great tool for HR professionals because it provides insight into your own personality style to help you understand your behavior better. Additionally, the tool provides insight into the styles of others and provides tips on how to work with everyone effectively. Participants walk through the framework of DiSC and watch a video that introduces the model. They learn about their DiSC styles, how they show up at work and how they may unconsciously perceive others with their same style or an opposite style. They then create flip-chart descriptions of a day in the life of their styles and share them with the large group. Finally, they reflect on what they've learned and write down ideas they want to remember. 

    Session Learning Objectives

    • Understand your work-related behaviors
    • Understand the work-related behaviors of others
    • Learn how you are perceived based on your style
    • Learn strategies to manage your behavior and effectively deal with other styles effectively at work

    HR Professionals - Generalist, Managers, Trainers, Consultants, D&I Specialist who want to understand more about themselves, their teams and how they show up at work.